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Here at Insects Planet, we provide useful and up-to-date information about all different species of insects, from where they live to what they eat and more!

All our content is researched and fact-checked before it goes live, ensuring that our readers always get the most accurate information possible.

We also provide links in some of our articles back to the source so that our readers can verify the information themselves.

Things We Talk About…

  • Behavior: We explore the behavior of insects in detail, such as their eating habits, social interactions, mating rituals, communication methods, and more.
  • Anatomy: Our articles go into depth about insect anatomy, including the structures and functions of their body parts like wings, legs, antennae, and eyes.
  • Interesting Facts: We feature interesting facts about different species of insects. For example, did you know that some ants can lift up to 50 times their own body weight? Or that a single female butterfly can lay more than 500 eggs in her lifetime?
  • Inspiration: At Insects Planet, we strive to inspire passion in our readers for these amazing creatures that are often overlooked or misunderstood. We believe it’s important to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the insect world!

We hope you enjoy reading about insects as much as we do! and if you have any questions regarding our content feel free to contact us here! Thank you for visiting our site, and happy exploring!

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    8 Black & Orange Caterpillars That Are Poisonous

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    Are Luna Moths Endangered?

    The Luna moth “Actias luna” also known as the “American moon moth” is, in fact, a Nearctic moth from the family Saturniidae, subfamily Saturniinae, a group species commonly known as the giant silk moth. To some, the Luna Moth is also considered to be one of the most spiritual and mystical of spirit guides! And…

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    Do Ants Actually Sleep?

    Have you ever wondered if ants sleep? Ants are some of the most active and hardworking creatures on the planet, and they can often be found tirelessly marching from one place to another, carrying food or debris back to their colonies. But, despite their seemingly tireless activity, do ants actually sleep? Ants will have up…

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