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The Truth About Butterflies: Do They Fart?

If you have stumbled upon this article, your probably wondering whether or not butterflies fart right? Now, this might not be the most pleasant topic to talk about, however, this is a question that is constantly being asked, so it’s only natural for us to write about it.

The short answer is yes! butterflies do fart. But, as you’ve already guessed their farts are nothing like the stinky and sometimes loud ones that we humans release. In fact, because of their size butterfly farts are actually quite delicate and often go unnoticed.

Why Do Butterflies Fart?

Butterflies fart for the same reasons that we do. They need to get rid of excess gas in their digestive system. This gas is a by-product of the food they eat and is usually made up of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane.

When butterflies eat, they suck up nectar from flowers through their long straw-like tongues. This nectar is then broken down in their stomachs and turned into energy.

The gas that is produced during this process is expelled through the butterfly’s anus, resulting in the butterfly farting.

Do They Fart While Flying?

While scientists have not yet been able to study the digestive habits of butterflies in detail, there is reason to believe that they do not fart while flying. For one thing, butterflies have a very different digestive system than humans.

One theory suggests that because butterflies have such delicate digestive systems, they are unable to produce gas.

Another theory posits that butterflies may be able to produce gas, but it simply escapes through their wings before it has a chance to build up in their intestines.

Ultimately, the answer to this question remains a mystery. However, one thing is for sure, butterflies are still lovely creatures, even if they do fart while flying.

Do Butterflies Fart Smell?

Unfortunately for us, when butterflies fart it is odorless to humans. This is because they are so small and their farts are made up of different gases than ours.

So, even though we may never know what a butterfly fart smells like, we can take solace in the fact that it probably won’t be as bad as our own.

Is A Butterflies Fart Toxic?

Now that we know that butterflies do indeed fart, you may be wondering if their farts are toxic. After all, some animals like skunks use their gas as a form of self-defense. But don’t worry, butterfly farts are not toxic and will not harm you in any way.

The reason is that the gas butterflies produce is made up of methane and carbon dioxide. These are both gases that we human beings release when we fart as well. and as we know, our own farts are not toxic.

Does A Butterflies Fart Have Sound?

No! Butterfly farts are silent because of how small they are. Humans can hear sounds as low as 12 Hz. however, a butterflies fart will be much lower than this, at around 0.05 Hz.

This means that their farts are inaudible to us humans.

Do All Butterflies Species Fart?

As far as we know, all butterfly species fart. This is because they all have digestive systems and eat food that produces gas.

So, whether you are looking at a Monarch butterfly or a Blue Morpho butterfly, you can be sure that they both fart.

Other Insects Fart?

You may be wondering if other insects also fart. The answer is yes! In fact, all insects that have digestive systems fart.

This includes beetles, bees, ants, cockroaches, and even flies fart. So, when it comes to flatulence, butterflies are certainly not alone.

In fact, there was a study in 1981 on a flying insect called “Lomamyia latipennis” and they learned that they actually use fart to stun their prey


Now that you know the answer to the question “do butterflies pass gas?”, you can go about your day with this new bit of information. Whether you think it’s cute or gross, there is no denying that it is interesting.

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